At Gandaki University, the semester system provides a structured framework for academic progression, offering students the flexibility to manage their learning pace while meeting the prescribed credit requirements. This approach fosters a dynamic learning environment where students can engage deeply with course materials and receive ongoing feedback from instructors.

Instructors at Gandaki University are tasked with the internal evaluation of students about the courses they teach, while the Office of the Controller of Examinations oversees and conduct semester-end examinations. Each course is assigned a specific number of credit hours and course code based on the weekly lectures, tutorials, and practical work involved.

Moreover, the assignment of credit hours to each course reflects the comprehensive nature of the curriculum, considering not only lecture hours but also the practical application of knowledge through tutorials and hands-on activities. This holistic approach to education at Gandaki University equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen fields, while promoting a culture of collaboration, team work and excellence among faculty and learners alike.

Admission Procedure

A public notice inviting applications for admission to Gandaki University will be released by the Office of the Dean. Prospective applicants can obtain the necessary application forms and information brochures from the University office upon payment of the specified fee.

Upon receiving applications, the respective colleges/academic programs within Gandaki University will meticulously scrutinize them. Eligible candidates will then be invited to participate in the entrance test, with the date and time of the examination communicated to them directly by the college.

In addition to the entrance test, the college may conduct interviews as part of the final selection process for admission. Candidates who successfully clear these stages will be granted provisional admission, pending the submission of their qualifying certificates.

It is imperative for provisionally admitted candidates to submit their qualifying certificates within one month of admission. Failure to do so within the stipulated time frame may result in the cancellation of their admission. Therefore, candidates are advised to ensure timely submission of all required documentation to avoid any complications in the admission process

Cource Registration

At Gandaki University, the academic progress of students is meticulously recorded based on the courses they enroll in each semester and the grades they achieve in those courses. Course registration is a crucial procedural step within the credit system, and therefore, all students are required to personally attend the registration process at their respective colleges or departments.

It is required that students present themselves for registration at the beginning of each semester. However, in cases of illness or emergency circumstances preventing attendance, students must promptly inform the academic program Coordinator or Dean. Only under exceptional circumstances, with the approval of the Dean or Coordinator, may registration be permitted in the student’s absence.

It is also important to note that the nominee or representative of the student is not authorized to register for courses on their behalf. However, they may assist the student in completing other formalities as required by the university. This policy ensures transparency and accountability in the registration process, maintaining the integrity of the academic record at Gandaki University

Normal and Maximum Duration of Stay at the University

Program Number of Semester Normal Duration Maximum Duration
Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT)                        8                   4 Years                      8 Years
Bachelor in Sports Management (BSM)


                  4 Years                      8 Years
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)                        8                   4 Years                      8 Years
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (BALLB)                       10                   5 Years                    10 Years

Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm)

                       8                   4 Years                      8 Years

Admission Requirements

At Gandaki University, students are required to attend all lectures, tutorials, seminars, and practical classes as part of their academic responsibilities. However, recognizing that unforeseen circumstances such as late registration, illness, or other emergencies, the university allows for a certain degree of flexibility in attendance requirements.

To accommodate for such contingencies, students must maintain a minimum attendance of at least 80% of the total classes actually delivered in each course. Furthermore, if a student is absent from the university continuously for more than two weeks without prior notification to the head of their institution, their name will be removed from the university rolls. This policy emphasizes the importance of regular attendance and communication with university authorities to ensure the smooth functioning of academic activities and student records at Gandaki University.

Evaluation System

Program Internal Assignment Final Assignment Pass Marks
Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Theory 30% 70% 45%
Bachelor in Sports Management (BSM) Theory 30% 70% 45%
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Theory 40% 60% 45%
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (BALLB) Theory 40% 60% 50%

Bachelor of Pharmacy

(B. Pharm)

  Theory   50% 50% 45%  
Laboratory 60% 40%
Research Proposal 100%
Seminars 100%
Thesis 60% 40%

Grading System

S. N Obtained Percentage Grade Grade Point
1. ≥ 90 A 4.0
2. ≥ 85 A- 3.7
3. ≥ 80 B+ 3.3
4. ≥ 75 B 3.0
5. ≥ 70 B- 2.7
6. ≥ 65 C+ 2.3
7. ≥ 60 C 2.0
8. ≥ 55 C- 1.7
9. ≥ 50 D+ 1.3
10. ≥ 45 D 1.0


BIT IA FA IA (30%) FA (70%) T= (IA+FA) % G GP CH CP= (GP×CH)
BSM IA FA IA (30%) FA (70%) T= (IA+FA) % G GP CH CP= (GP×CH)
BBA IA FA IA (40%) FA (60%) T= (IA+FA) % G GP CH CP= (GP×CH)
BALLB IA FA IA (40%) FA (60%) T= (IA+FA) % G GP CH CP= (GP×CH)
B. Pharm IA FA IA (50%) FA (50%) T= (IA+FA) % G GP CH CP= (GP×CH)

IA :: Internal Assignment | FA :: Final Assignment | T :: Total | G :: Grade | GP :: Grade Point | CH :: Credit Hours | CP :: Credit Point