Guidlines for retotaling of exam results at Gandaki University

1. Publication of Results: Results of exams are published on the university’s official website. (

2. Review of Results: If students are unsatisfied with their exam results, they can opt for a retotaling process.

3. Retotaling application:

¬†Students must obtain the retotaling application form from the university’s website.

  • The form includes detailed instructions for completion.
  • Required information typically includes personal details, exam details, subject details, and reasons for retotaling.

They need to carefully fill out the form following the provided instructions.

4. Submission of retotaling form:

  • Once the form is completed, students must submit it to their respective campus of Gandaki University.
  • Along with the form, students need to provide a bank voucher confirming the payment of the retotaling fee.

5. Retotaling fee payment:

  • The retotaling fee should be deposited into the specified bank account:
  • Bank Name: NMB Bank Ltd.
  • Account Name: Gandaki University Aaya Khata
  • Account Number: 1240144424100016
  • Re-totaling fee: 500 per subject

6. Retotaling process:

  • The university’s examination board reviews the retotaling requests.
  • If any changes are found in the grades or marks upon retotaling, necessary adjustments are made and it is notified to the concerned students.

7. Results publication:

The retotaling results are published by the university as per the decision of the examination board.

8. Refund process:

  • If there’s a change in grades or marks from the previous results, the retotaling fee is refunded to the students.
  • Refunds are typically processed through the same method used for the initial fee payment.

*Following these steps ensures a systematic and transparent process for retotaling exam results at Gandaki University.

*Required forms are attached below